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How To Clean A Meth Lab

Two men in yellow hazmat suits and respirators inspect beakers with unknown substance inside of a meth lab
How To Clean A Meth Lab

There are many steps a company must take in order to properly clean a meth lab.

How To Clean A Meth Lab:

1) First look out for the many dangers such as explosion and fire risks, exposure to chemicals through inhalation, absorption, and even ingestion, as well as potential booby traps. Never enter without the proper Protective Gear!

2) The property must be tested by a third party. This will give us information on how severely affected the property is.

3) Structure Prep - The structure will have control zones set up, emergency wash stations, air scrubbers, and other equipment set up.

4) The property must have all contents removed and most, if not all, will be disposed of in special containers for disposal.

5) The entire interior of the house is now treated and washed, breaking down and removing all meth lab residue.

6) Finally the property is post-tested to assure that all dangers have been removed.

Do you need help with a meth lab? Call us 7 days a week at (888) 577-7206 to speak with a meth lab cleanup specialist today.



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